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For a decade, Torontoist allowed my storytelling skills to blossom, especially when it came to sharing stories from Toronto’s past. Beyond award-winning work on the “Historicist” column (which I contributed to alongside a distinguished list of writers), I explored the city’s heritage through the medium of advertising, and provided historical context to issues dominating the current news cycle.


But my work for Torontoist wasn't confined to the past. Present-day topics I covered included provincial budgets, gallery exhibitions, theatre festivals, land use politics, and touring spaces used for international events like the Pan American games.


Browse through the posts I have written for Torontoist, or check out these highlights:


The Telegram Sets, The Sun Rises

Winner of the Short Publication category at the 2013 Heritage Toronto Awards.

“We Are Confident That Victory Is in Sight”

Nominated for a Heritage Toronto Award in 2014, a Historicist column on Nelson Mandela’s visit to Toronto four months after he was released from prison.


Voting Rights in Toronto

Winner of the Short Publication category at the 2015 Heritage Toronto Awards, this article offers a guide to the history who has (and hasn’t) been allowed to cast votes in city races.


The Toronto Patty Wars

When overzealous government bureaucrats and Caribbean treats don’t mix.


A Short History of Toronto’s Street Signs

A look at the evolution of the city’s iconic road markers.


Meet a Toronto Mayor: John Powell

The first in a series I wrote over the course of 2014 spotlighting several holders of the city’s top elected office.


Toronto Invents: The Whoopee Cushion

Part of a series on items invented in Toronto. 

“Sip ‘n Sex” in North York

Concerned citizens and a future Toronto powerbroker unite to battle the horror of rowdy teens at drive-ins in mid-1960s suburbia. 

The KKK Took My Baby Away

In 1930, the Ku Klux Klan raided a home in Oakville to prevent an interracial marriage.

“The Bull in a China Shop Had Nothing on This Cow”

One cow's Sunday morning rampage across downtown Toronto.

The Grid

The successor to eye weekly, The Grid launched in 2011 with the goal of providing a younger, street-level view of the city. Before folding in 2014, it won much praise for its content and eye-catching design. 

I wrote two columns for its online edition:

  • Retro T.O. (2012) looked at elements of the city's recent history
  • Ghost City (2012-13) used addresses and architecture to explore Toronto's past

Besides these columns, I occasionally wrote infographic content. 

The files below include samples of my work for The Grid:


Launched in Toronto in 2003, Spacing "pushes readers to think critically about how they can shape the public spaces that surround their everyday lives."

A preview of Spacing's first book, 50 Objects That Define Toronto (published June 2016), was published in the Fall 2014 edition of the magazine. View the excerpt below, or order a copy of the book.

spacing fall 2014 50 objects sample.jpg spacing fall 2014 50 objects sample.jpg
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50-Objects-That-Define-Toronto-Cover-300.jpg 50-Objects-That-Define-Toronto-Cover-300.jpg
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Friends of Canadian Broadcasting


Since 2012, I have written or co-written the annual calendar available to members of the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, an organization "whose mission is to defend and enhance the quality and quantity of Canadian programming in the Canadian audio-visual system."

View excerpts from past calendars:

fcb 2012 calendar april.pdf fcb 2012 calendar april.pdf
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fcb 2015 calendar april.pdf fcb 2015 calendar april.pdf
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Toronto Magazine

The annual full-sized visitors guide to Toronto, published by Tourism Toronto.

The files below cover topics ranging from the renaissance in cultural architecture in Toronto to how several prominent streets earned their names.

2014 toronto magazine cultural architecture.pdf 2014 toronto magazine cultural architecture.pdf
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2015 toronto magazine name game.pdf 2015 toronto magazine name game.pdf
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2015 toronto magazine true sports.pdf 2015 toronto magazine true sports.pdf
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2016 toronto magazine urban fusion.pdf 2016 toronto magazine urban fusion.pdf
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Historica Canada

You may know them as the people responsible for Heritage Minutes and The Canadian Encyclopedia. But Historica Canada is much more than those projects - its programming is dedicated to "enhancing awareness of Canadian history and citizenship" through educational outreach, community programs, and much more.

My work for Historica Canada includes:

  • Entries for Toronto in Time, an app it collaborated on with the City of Toronto and Heritage Toronto, which allows users to discover the city's history at the sites it unfolded. Sample entry, spotlighting the shooting of George Brown.
  • Entries for The Canadian Encyclopedia on three Fathers of Confederation: John Mercer Johnson, William Henry Steeves, and Robert Duncan Wilmot.
  • Entry for The Canadian Encyclopedia on Toronto's subway.
  • Research for educational timelines on topics including responsible government and Sir Wilfrid Laurier.

Canadian Red Cross

To mark the Canadian Red Cross's 120th anniversary in 2016, a website was created to celebrate the organization's history via objects gathered from its archives and other sources. I researched and wrote nearly 30 of the objects, including the sample pages below.

Predictable Preventable Report.jpg Predictable Preventable Report.jpg
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Street Fundraising Tins.jpg Street Fundraising Tins.jpg
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Heritage Toronto

From its website: "Heritage Toronto is a charitable arms-length agency of the City of Toronto established in 1949 to promote a greater appreciation for the city’s rich architectural, cultural, archaeological and natural heritage." 

I have contributed research and writing to various Heritage Toronto projects, and led walking tours on topics including newspapers and sports on Toronto's waterfront. 

My work for Heritage Toronto includes:

125 Years of the Queen City Yacht Club

Celebrating the Toronto Islands-based boating organization.

The Loblaw Groceterias Building

The grocery giant's former headquarters at Bathurst and Lake Shore.


Ontario's public broadcaster, whose vision is "to create a better world through the power of learning." 

My work for TVO includes:

Get to Know a Great Lake: Ontario

Part of a series profiling aspects of each of the Great Lakes. The post includes links to the other installments.

Inside Chatham-Kent's Never-ending Crow Battle

Chatham-Kent has had a crow infestation for more than a century. Rather than fight them, the city is instead focusing on battening down the hatches. The crows are there to stay. 

Public Speaking and Videos

Projects where I've shared my passion for the past with an audience, live or via video:

The Wild Party

Transcript of a pre-show talk I gave before performances of ActingUp/Obsidian's winter 2015 production of the 1920s-based musical.

Murdoch Mysteries

Discussing the early days of automobiles in Toronto for an online bonus feature for the "Murdoch Takes Manhattan" episode of the long-running turn-of-the-century mystery series.

Writing About History

Transcript of a talk I gave at the Arts & Letters Club in 2014 on my experiences writing about local history.


A variety of projects for a variety of clients, demonstrating my flexibility to cover the topic is at hand. 

Samples include:

  • For Quill and Quire, a look at the publishing arm of the Aga Khan Museum.
  • For the Toronto Foundation, a feature about their "Playing for Keeps" community building program.
  • For Yonge Street, a feature on the Sky-O-Swale, a community-building project in eastern Scarborough.
  • For Jane's Walk, a guide to the published works of Jane Jacobs.
quill and quire jan-feb 2014 aga khan.pdf quill and quire jan-feb 2014 aga khan.pdf
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