a character reference; letter of recommendation;

an expression of appreciation

"Rare is the person who can take detailed historical research and create an engaging and interesting story--Jamie is that person. His research is consistently thorough, and his writing always follows a great narrative arc." - Kaitlin Wainwright, Director of Programming, Heritage Toronto

"Jamie is a terrific and thoughtful writer whose dedication to his craft is remarkable. More than anything, Jamie is reliable and responsible. I would trust him to take on any task and deliver exactly what he promised on schedule. Highly recommended." - Ken Hunt, Publisher, Toronto Life magazine

"Jamie is pro-active, Jamie has good ideas, Jamie is unfailingly consistent, and Jamie does meticulous research. Jamie, in short, is everything an editor hopes a writer will be. I've had nothing but positive experiences working with him over a number of years." - Hamutal Dotan, past Editor-in-Chief, Torontoist

"It's no small feat to be able to write about Toronto's history in a way that's both well-researched and sharply written, but for Torontoist's Historicist column, Jamie managed to consistently take a subject—really, any subject—proceed to research the heck out of it, and then write about in a way that made it interesting to someone who might otherwise not have thought to care about it. That history's his beat doesn't mean he's not terrific at writing about other stuff, too; he is, and he's never been anything less than a great pleasure to work with." - David Topping, Executive Editor, TorontoLife.com; previously Editor-in-Chief, Torontoist