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Writer - Historian - Consultant


Bringing the Past into the Present...And More

As an award-winning freelancer, I am driven by curiosity and a sense of discovery; as a writer, researcher, and historical consultant, I take readers on a journey, giving them opportunity to see a familiar landscape with new eyes.



Creating text that works for your audience.

Typewriter Keys


Digging deep to find the information you need...and more.

Circular Library

Historical Consulting

When you need accurate information or inspiration for your project, whether it's your fictional masterpiece or a corporate presentation.

Business Meeting

Public Speaking

Sharing my knowledge and passion with the media, organizations, and panel discussions.

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Want to Dive into Toronto's History?

Visit my "Tales of Toronto" blog

"Rare is the person who can take detailed historical research and create an engaging and interesting story--Jamie is that person. His research is consistently thorough, and his writing always follows a great narrative arc."

Kaitlin Wainwright, former Director of Programming, Heritage Toronto


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