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1: The Semi-Inevitable Introductory Post

INTRODUCTION: noun. 1. The act or an instance of introducing; the process of being introduced. 2. A formal presentation of one person to another. 3. An explanatory section at the beginning of a book, etc. 4 a preliminary section in a piece of music. 5. An introductory treatise on a subject. 6. A thing introduced.
Oxford Canadian Dictionary.

For whatever reason, this image came up when I typed "hello" in the search bar of Wix's photo archive. Is this a good or bad omen?

Confession: I don’t think I’m very good at introductions.

It might stem from my tendency to jump right into things. Spending time contemplating an opening tends to freeze my creative process. I usually begin writing in the middle, unless a quote or thought screams “I WILL GRAB YOUR READER’S ATTENTION AND NEVER LET IT GO!!!” In person, I tend to let others to do the introducing, or wait until a conversation is rolling along nicely. Otherwise, I become self-conscious and start fumbling my words, worried I’m immediately leaving a bad impression.

Let’s just dive in.

Beyond being a website to list my work services and house my portfolio, I want it to be a forum for sorting out my thoughts about history, research, and writing, and maybe launch a conversation or two. There are ideas about what I do that seem appropriate for a site like this, as opposed to quick bursts on social media, or posting them on sites where they really don’t fit.

Content is evolving, and the sections of this site will change. It’s been an on-again, off-again project for…maybe it’s better not to say how long. We’re all guilty of vowing to finish a major undertaking that’s constantly overtaken by life.

Until post #2 arrives, you can find me on Twitter, Instagram, and other fine places around the internet.

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